Celebration of Animal Companionship


It’s hard to express what the love of an animal can bring to you. I recently experienced the loss of my childhood cat, and it got me thinking about the impact animals have on shaping us as people. For me, he was someone who listened and comforted when I was down, which seems silly being that he could not respond. He held this special place in my heart that could not be taken by something or someone else. There is a significance surrounding the extent of human love and companionship with animals, whether it is just because there’s this unspoken connection or maybe it is highlighting the many broken relationships we have with people. Animals remain constant, there is never the possibility of betrayal, hypocrisy or dishonesty, there’s always a silent agreement; an eternal loyalty. This is why I find it incomprehensible that there is such animal cruelty in the world, whether it’s through animal testing or abuse. I can’t understand how we as humans can be so arrogant to think that we are the superior species and our welfare surpasses that of anything else in this world. To take something so innocent and without the freedom to make their own choices is morally wrong. It’s not as if those who participate in animal testing, for example, are unaware of the consequences of these tests. They enter into it acknowledging the possibility of harm and a reduced quality of life. Animal rights, in my opinion, should be celebrated, not ignored and exploited. Who are we to decide the fate of someone or something else? 


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