The Effects of Consumerism

What happened to the days where your morality and self respect were celebrated? Instead we live in a society where it is considered right to sleep with people we barely know or say things without caring about the consequences. It’s a time where we don’t mind putting people down, while we, ourselves, strive to get to the top of our game at the detriment of others. It doesn’t matter if you get there alone because material wealth is all that matters, right? This is the result of a consumerist society, we throw things away when they aren’t the best of what there is out there; this is mirrored in our relationships, as soon as there is a problem or it seems broken we don’t try and fix it but instead move on to something ‘better’. Our world is constantly evolving and so is the attitude of people towards others. Will there be an end to this or will it continue until each one of us lives a life alone?


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