Observing Humanity

Phoenix Theory

Perception beyond the general consensus of social behavior.
Author Dwight Edward Robinson


State of Chaos

All modernized societies seem to be in such a frenzied hurry these days. Like they’re really late for an appointment or a date. In the city where I reside, three-fifths of the people I see on the streets have a mobile phone stuck to their head, even the ones driving. If the cell towers suddenly stopped working chaos would ensue instantly.

Driving in traffic is already chaotic especially during the workweek rush hours. At the last second, a car zips into my lane only inches away from the front of my car causing me to abruptly slam the break to the floor. Or, from a cross street intersection when they dart onto the street in front of me even when no cars are behind me. It’s like they just couldn’t waited a few more…

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