Celebration of Animal Companionship


It’s hard to express what the love of an animal can bring to you. I recently experienced the loss of my childhood cat, and it got me thinking about the impact animals have on shaping us as people. For me, he was someone who listened and comforted when I was down, which seems silly being that he could not respond. He held this special place in my heart that could not be taken by something or someone else. There is a significance surrounding the extent of human love and companionship with animals, whether it is just because there’s this unspoken connection or maybe it is highlighting the many broken relationships we have with people. Animals remain constant, there is never the possibility of betrayal, hypocrisy or dishonesty, there’s always a silent agreement; an eternal loyalty. This is why I find it incomprehensible that there is such animal cruelty in the world, whether it’s through animal testing or abuse. I can’t understand how we as humans can be so arrogant to think that we are the superior species and our welfare surpasses that of anything else in this world. To take something so innocent and without the freedom to make their own choices is morally wrong. It’s not as if those who participate in animal testing, for example, are unaware of the consequences of these tests. They enter into it acknowledging the possibility of harm and a reduced quality of life. Animal rights, in my opinion, should be celebrated, not ignored and exploited. Who are we to decide the fate of someone or something else? 


Observing Humanity

Phoenix Theory

Perception beyond the general consensus of social behavior.
Author Dwight Edward Robinson


State of Chaos

All modernized societies seem to be in such a frenzied hurry these days. Like they’re really late for an appointment or a date. In the city where I reside, three-fifths of the people I see on the streets have a mobile phone stuck to their head, even the ones driving. If the cell towers suddenly stopped working chaos would ensue instantly.

Driving in traffic is already chaotic especially during the workweek rush hours. At the last second, a car zips into my lane only inches away from the front of my car causing me to abruptly slam the break to the floor. Or, from a cross street intersection when they dart onto the street in front of me even when no cars are behind me. It’s like they just couldn’t waited a few more…

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The Effects of Consumerism

What happened to the days where your morality and self respect were celebrated? Instead we live in a society where it is considered right to sleep with people we barely know or say things without caring about the consequences. It’s a time where we don’t mind putting people down, while we, ourselves, strive to get to the top of our game at the detriment of others. It doesn’t matter if you get there alone because material wealth is all that matters, right? This is the result of a consumerist society, we throw things away when they aren’t the best of what there is out there; this is mirrored in our relationships, as soon as there is a problem or it seems broken we don’t try and fix it but instead move on to something ‘better’. Our world is constantly evolving and so is the attitude of people towards others. Will there be an end to this or will it continue until each one of us lives a life alone?

Beauty Standards Are Bullshit

The Belle Jar

You’ve probably heard that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.

Or a size 16, or a size 12, or a size 10, depending on who you ask.

Whatever number someone quotes you, the message is always the same: our standards of beauty have changed, and not for the better. The women whose bodies we worship now are thin and sickly, all of them suffering from eating disorders. Things aren’t how they were before, when we appreciated “real,” “normal,” “average” bodies. Our current standards of beauty should serve as evidence of how deeply fucked up our society is; we ought to return to our parents’ and grandparents’ ideals.

This whole concept is so popular that there have been a string of memes made about it:




You know what makes me say fuck society? The fact that we think it’s totally cool to compare two women and declare one of them the…

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