To Build A Home

There’s something about the cinematic orchestra that makes all ties cut lose, lift the atmosphere with their husky tones and breaks barriers that were once in breakable. To build a home is possibly my all time favourite song, from the excitement caused by the repetition of the low growl of notes at the beginning through to the moment his voice cuts through.   It’s a piece of art that builds from the very beginning to the finish, it has purpose and it’s build up reflects the lyrics so strongly.

It may not fulfill what everyone looks for in a piece of music but the combination of strings, piano and that voice, could never fail.

Out in the garden where we planted the seeds
There is a tree that’s old as me
Branches were sewn by the colour of green
Ground had arose and passed its knees


I know that to compose music there must be meaning, passion and soul. That’s what makes this piece so delicious yet peaceful. The lyrics provoke thought yet relate to the desires so many of us face.

To me, this song isn’t just about building a home, it’s about planting seeds for the future and not worrying how it will end up. It’s the hope of a home, somewhere you can return to after the worst possible day, delirious from stress yet one place remains constant. Home will always be where the heart lies, for anyone can own a house but a house lacks meaning, a home releases memories, tears and  laughter, a future and a past. Somewhere that bursts life even in the drizzliest of minutes, when bags are packed and you are intent on leaving. Everyone needs that stability.
By the cracks of his skin I climbed to the top
I climbed the tree to see the world
When the gusts came around to blow me down
Held on as tightly as you held on to me

A home is that paternal figure that tucks you up at night, that tells you stories and wraps you up on a frosty evening. It’s always there, even when you’re off seeking success or a better life. It is a place to return to no matter what. Reliable. Constant. Eternal. The words that describe a home. It may not be an ever present building, it may be just a memory, for a home is not whats material but what is inside.
Frequently I listen to music repetitively, up until the point of no return where the love you once shared is unrecognisable. This will never be one of them. A timeless classic.


Cinematic orchestra –



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